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Parvati Sita Radha

Daksha had sixty daughters, 'Swadha' was one of them and was married to the Pitras. In due course of time three daughters were born to them - Maina, Dhanya and Kalawati. Once all the three of them went to Swetadweepa to have a darshan of lord Vishnu. Right then, sages like Sanak, Sanadan etc arrived there. Everybody present there stood up in reverence, but Maina, Dhanya and Kalawati could not identify who they were and hence they remained sitting. Not only that, they did not even make any salutations to them.

The sages became angry and cursed them to be born as humans in their next birth. Maina, Dhanya and Kalawati became very afraid and requested to be pardoned.

Sages Sanak feeling pity on them told that 
  1. Maina would become the wife of Himalaya, in her next birth and give birth to Parvati,
  2. Similarly Dhanya would be married to king Janaka and Sita would be born to them, 
  3. Similarly Kalawati would be married to Vrishbhan and Radha would be born to them. 
Sage Sanak also told them, that in this way all three of them would attain to the heaven.


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(iti murdhany anj alim adaya)
vaktum paramahamsya paddhatim -iha vyaktim gatanam hi yah
stddhanam bhuvane babhuva sanakadinam trtiyah pura
sangam bhakti rasam rahasyam adhuna bhaktesu sancarayann
ekah so vatatara visva gurave purnaya tasmai namah

iti thus; murdhani to h i s head; a 29j alim fo l d ed handsa; daya pl a c ing;
vaktum to speak; paramahamsaya of the paramahamsad;p addhatiim the path;
iha here; vyaktim man i f e s tat ions; iddhanam of this per fected soulsb; huvane
in the world;b abhuva became; sanaka by Sanaka adinam headed; trtiyah
the third; pura fo rme r ly; sa wi t h i n; angam i t s v a r ious parts; bhakti of p ur e
devotional service; rasam the nectar;r ahasyam co nf ident ial;a dhuna n ow;
bhaktesu to the devotees; sancarayan te aching; ekah o n e; sah he-n avatara
descended; visva of the universeg; urave the spi r i tual masterp; urnaya pe r fect
and complete; tasmai to him; namah I o f f er my respectful obeisances.

(Placing folded palms to his head) Of the four Sanakadi-kumaras, the perfect
souls that in ancient times appeared in this world to describe the path of the
swanlike pure devotees, the third one has now descended to teach the devotees the
secret nectar of pure dveotional service, I offer my respectful obeisances to him,
the spiritual master of the world.

Note: Here Srila Rupa Gosvami describes his elder brother, Srila Sanatana
Gosvami, who was an incarnation of Sanatana Kumara.

Text 9 - Lalitha Madhav

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